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Feedback Evaluation Process

Feedback Evaluation Process
Turkish Technic aims to achieve customer satisfaction by providing services on global standards in the aviation maintenance and repair industry. In this regard, sharing information is of great importance to us.

Our customers can deliver their feedbacks to Turkish Technic via customer complaint form, e-mail, and surveys in writing as well as verbally during phone calls and the regular meetings in person. Feedback methods are well explained in the information leaflets available in Turkish Technic customer offices.
When  a customer’s personal information is required to investigate the case, it is only shared within the company’s respective departments in the feedback evaluation process with the scope of privacy. Otherwise, customer-related personal information shall not be shared within the company’s respective departments or with third parties unless the explicit consent of the customer.
Feedbacks are ensured to be recorded and then customer is informed about the assigned unique reference to follow up their feedback and their feedback is being evaluated.

All feedbacks are categorized by CRM according to their contents and then consign to the related department. That department investigates and evaluates the feedback then offers possible solutions to CRM.
CRM then makes the final evaluation and submits the most reasonable solution to the customer. Besides, CRM measures the customers satisfaction upon receiving the solution.

If the solution is not found sufficient for the customer, related department is informed in order to seek alternative solutions. Turkish Technic continues to evaluate the feedback until the customer is satisfied or the reasonable solutions are run out. The feedback is closed only either the solution is accepted by the customer or it becomes certain that all alternative solutions are offered under the authority and legal responsibilities of Turkish Technic.
All feedbacks are evaluated in a fair, objective and unbiased way. Turkish Technic evaluates and analyzes all customer feedbacks with it’s 100% customer satisfaction policy, and esteems every single feedback giving opportunity to continously develop its systems and services.