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Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in Turkey

There were two aircraft maintenance hangars at the first airport established between Yesilkoy and Sefakoy, by Mahmut Sevket Pasha  in 1912.

Turkkusu, which was established at Ankara Güvercinlik Airport, was giving aircraft revision services to National Airlines in 1935.


In 1945, maintenance of the DC-3 aircrafts were held at Ankara Etimesgut, Turkish Airforce Aircraft and Engine Factories.

In 1950, the Aircraft Factory in wihch different types of engine maintenance and repairs are held since 1940, transformed to Kayseri Aircraft Supply and Maintenance Center.

Yesilköy International Airport, finished in 1953, had maintenance hangars witihin the facility.

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair in TURKISH TECHNIC

The first civil aviation company in our country named National Airlines which was established in 1933, is re-organized in 21 May 1955 to carry all air transportation business in Turkey as TURKISH AIRLINES.


In 1957, maintenance and revisions of three DC-3 aircrafts, within the fleet of 28 aircrafts, were made in Yesilkoy Shops. The facility, which also provided motor revision services, became a modern maintenance center using the most recent techniques and started to get orders from foreign aviation companies in a short while.

In 1959, an agreement is signed with Locheed Int., in order to transform maintenance shops into a technical maintenance base for TURKISH AIRLINES, Turkish Air Force and foreign aviation companies. To run the aircraft maintenance and revision facility efficiently, 28 pilots, 9 engineers and 57 technicians were sent to take trainings in United States. Afterwards, 62 technicians were trained in our training facilities.

In the second of half oy the year 1960 technical maintenance shops reached the capacity to make the maintenance and repairs of aircrafts with pistons and turboprop. For aircrafts; Viscount, P-27 and DC-3; all kinds of maintenance on the aircrafts and revisions over 50% of their components were held.

By end of the year 1963, our shops reached the international civil aviaiation standards in both equipment and technical resources, in order to give any maintenance, repair and revision services for aircraft bodies, motors and accessories.

In the year 1968, the Technical Management’s works have reached its top level; 15 aircrafts were given maintenance or revision services and near 70 components of DC-9 aircrafts were overhauled.

In 8 March 1973 FAA certificate (certificate nr: 820-1F) is taken to proove our facilities are at international standards; in order to serve Turkish civil aviation,  by our shops which are equipped with special tools bought with new investments and our experienced personnel with civil aviation licences.

95% of the construction  of engine test building, hangar, annex and component shops, base maintenance shops and power plant, which all make up the new maintenance base of  TURKISH AIRLINES were  completed by  the end of 1975.


Joint Aviation Association (JAA), found our Technical Maintenance and Flight Administration systems compatible with its regulations and rewarded TURKISH TECHNIC with Joint Aviation Regulations (JAR) certificate in 1996. With this certificate, our technical maintenance facility became authorized by both FAA and JAA for giving maintenance service in international standards.

In June 1999, the Second Maintenance Base Hangar; which has 13.000 m2 of enclosed area and 67.200 m2 annex section, with the capability of providing maintenance and repair services to all aircraft in TURKISH TECHNIC fleet within international standards and all up to date technologies; has utilized.

With the utilization of the Second Maintenance Base Hangar, continuously growing Turkish Airlines’ fleet  maintenance and repair needs are fulfilled, while more of  customer requests are met, compared to the previous years. To raise the Company’s share in the market and to fulfill the increasing domestic and foreign customer requests, Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Modification Center (HABOM) project is developed. Based at Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Turkish Technic’s facilities (HABOM) which is started building in 2010, was launched 27 June 2014. HABOM Facitilies has 380.000 square meter closed area and capacity to fulfill maintenance, overhaul and repair services for 11 aircraft in Narrow Body Hangar area and 3 aircraft in Wide Body Hangar area at the same time. A part of Wide Body Hangar area was designed in order to perform painting services for 1 Wide Body aircraft or 2 Narrow Body aircraft at the same time.


TURKISH TECHNIC, which holds the maintenance operations of its aircraft in Turkey, with the Turkish people’s labor and technical experience since the first day of the Company’s establishment; has always grown by investing in the technical units and took actions parallel to the developments around the world. Regarding the modern administrative comprehension,  transforming the large functional units to independent organizations is examined as a strategy. As seen in other examples around the World; technical units have been re-organized as an independent public limited company; in order to increase efficiency, keeping up with sectoral developments and providing mro service for more customer aircrafts with high quality.

TURKISH TECHNIC INC., which was established on 23 May, 2006 with 100% shares belonging to TURKISH AIRLINES, has reorganized itself in a short period of time. All projects that have started, foremostly HABOM, continue with the same particularity.  
Along with HABOM facility which is launched at Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Turkish Technic’s maintenance capacity has increased  %57 for Narrow Body maintenance, %43 for Wide Body maintenance and %190 for closed area capacity.

Our company continues to grow by living two significant values: The more than 80 years of TURKISH AIRLINES’ corporate culture, and the excitement of being a young organization.