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Engine & APU

Engine Care
TURKISH TECHNIC is the 60 years experienced EASA & FAA approved maintenance station providing  MRO services for following types of aircraft engines.

Besides engine maintenance services in its facilities, TURKISH TECHNIC has capability to perform engine maintenance and troubleshooting services all over the world thanks to its qualified mobile team.

 Engine Model 
Engine Type  Capability
AGB /TGB/LRU/QEC Replacement
 GE  CF6-80 C2 / A3   
 GE  GE90-115

TGB/LRU/QEC Replacement
 GE  CF6-80E1
TRF/ TGB/LRU/QEC Replacement 
IAE  V2500
AGB/LRU/QEC Replacement

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APU Care
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a turbo shaft engine providing compressed air and electrical power to the aircraft on the ground and in the flight. Two main functions of APU are initiating the engine start and air-conditioning of cabin interior.

Starting with minor repairs on GTCP85-98CK (Boeing 727), GTCP85-98D (DC9) ve TCSP-700 (DC10) model APUs TURKISH TECHNIC has reached today’s wide range of capabilities after 40 years of experience.

Being EASA and FAA approved MRO, TURKISH TECHNIC releases about 120 APU to service and  serves as an “Authorized Repair Station” of Hamilton Sunstrand Corporation and “Licenced Repair Station” of Honeywell.

APU Types
 GTCP131-9B  B737 600/700/800/900
 APS3200  A319-320-321

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CleanJet Engine Wash

Meet the smart technology in engine cleaning:
•        Effective cleaning by nozzles sending pulverized water directly into the engine core.
•        Comes with automatized flow control for all engine types.
•        Faster and easier cleaning without opening Thrust Reverser covers.
•        No hangar environment required, has adjustable water collector and generator.
•        No auxiliary heaters required with new smart boiler.
•        Comes with double probe & smaller apertures for quick and easy assembly.

For detailed information, please review the attached brochure. We would be pleased to share our
sale or lease offers with you. Our offer also includes after-sales support.

CFM56-7B (B737) 
CFM56-5A/5B (A320)
CFM56-5C (A340)
IAE V2500 (A320)
GE CF6-80E (A330)
RR Trent 772 (A330)
P&W (A330)
GE90 (B777)

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