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Fleet Asset Management

TURKISH TECHNIC Offers a Comprehensive Solution to Airline/Operator Asset Management.

Fleet Management offers a support package for all services related to aircraft leases, Phase-In and Phase-Out. Based on our experience with the fleet management of one of the world’s major airlines, we provide tailor-made solutions meeting every customer’s requirements, such as, but not limited to:

  • General Condition Survey and Technical Records Review
    As the name suggests  this function is providing a report on the general condition of the aircraft. The objective of this report is to provide you sufficient information to enable you to make the decision a paying  a deposit on the aircraft. We make a physical inspection of the records and we review the aircraft records in order to obtain the current status of the aircraft. 

  • The review of operating lease technical requirements and return conditions. 
  • The review and establishment of maintenance reserve figures.
  • Review and advice concerning invoices presented by lessee in respect of maintenance reserve drawdown/AD cost sharing etc. 
  • Review of engine/APU/landing gear shop visit (pre-input) work scopes/strip report/final work scope.
  • Contract negotiation (Technical)

  • Pre-purchase inspections and records extraction:
    This compares the obligation of the purchase agreement with the aircraft actual condition. In a pre delivery inspection, we would inspect in detail issues such as engine and landing gear traceability, repair data, AD dirty finger prints, certification, etc. In summary, we make sure the aircraft reflects the conditions of your purchase/lease agreement. A pre-delivery inspection is a significant task and depending on a number of factors, for example the age of the aircraft, the standard of documentation provided, the accuracy of the documentation and the efficiency level of the operator producing the documentation. This inspection is a delivery inspection and not an airworthiness review.

  • Aircraft Delivery Inspection:
    For the operator and owner of a new aircraft, it is very important that the aircraft is inspected and checked during the assembly and acceptance phases. TURKISH TECHNIC offers delivery inspection on the final assembly line, as well as at the delivery centre. Services consist of all inspections from the start of assembly up to delivery to the owner and operator.

  • Phase-In and Phase-Out support :
    Phase-In and Phase-Out support basically consists of (the services is carried out in coordination with Customer):
    • Coordination of Phase In/Out process,
    • Taking over the required Aircraft documentation in accordance with applicable Aviation regulatory requirements and applicable agreements.
    • Verify/check  Aircraft condition for the acceptance/delivery of the Aircraft.
    • Assignment of qualified personnel for Aircraft Phase In/Out during the required period.
    • Perform pre-inspection of Aircraft Package based on available data, etc.

  • New build aircraft specification determination, acceptance and inspection throughout or part of the build process (AIRBUS and BOEING aircrafts)
  • Technical representation during maintenance checks.
  • Technical records scanning.