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Considering TURKISH TECHNIC's quotas, internship applications are evaluated for the summer and winter semesters.

Summer Internships:
Summer semester internships are between June and October. This semester is exclusively reserved for aviation high schools, colleges and faculties.

Internship quotas are announced by the Training Management Department with a deadline to submit applications by the end of January.

Schools make the necessary planning, and collect and send the required documents prior to the mentioned date above.

Personal applications are not evaluated for the summer semester.


Winter Internships:
Winter semester internships are between September and June. Programs are prepared in accordance with the related profession high school or college course schedules.
Positions for profession high schools are arranged by individual departments as defined in Article 18 of the Profession Education Law (no: 3308). Applications are accepted starting June. Applicants need to submit a photograph and a copy of their transcript. The prerequisite for a valid application is a minimum Grade Point Average of 3 over 5, or the equivalent of 60 over 100.

Quotas for profession colleges are determined according to department needs and practical training protocols of each school. A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5 over 4 is required.